Fundraising No Matter Where You Are

Fundraising can be difficult. There can be both staff & volunteer fatigue, and even customer fatigue, with all of the causes raising funds. To help with that, you need something to help you stand out, and create excitement.

You can see the current “catalogue” of fundraising vouchers here. You can decide if you want to run an auction, or raffle. There are many choices to also run such events online, such as Ebay for NonProfits, WebStore, and many others.

Who Can Fundraise?

Fundraisers can be done throughout the United States, and internationally. Fundraisers can be:

• Schools: K-12, Trade Schools, Colleges & Universities
• Religious Organizations
• Clubs and similar organizations
• NPOS, NGOs, etc

Provide us with your name, organization, and contact information, and we’ll send it to our vendors, who can reach out to you, and get this going. Also, if you’re an influencer, or just someone wanting to help an organization fundraise, reach out to them, and feel free to share catalogue.

Fundraising With Stablecoins

You have probably heard about cryptocoins, with Bitcoin being the most well known, and probably Ether. There are many more. The problem with these are that the price of some of these can change by over $100 in a day’s time. If you are simply collecting donations, then it won’t be too big of a concern. Here are some organizations that accept crypto, including Red Cross and United Way.

If you’re wanting to fundraise, you may be more interested in Stablecoins. Note that vendors will require you to cash them out, in order to award the voucher.

You can also see a bit more about stables on Wikipedia. Stables include: PAX, USDC, DAI, TUSD, GUSD, USDS, USDT, and EOSDT.


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