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Q: How does this work?

A: We help provide you with work opportunities that fit your needs and schedule, providing a steady paying work opportunity. You will work remotely, from the comfort of your home office, shared work space, or other arrangement.

At this time registrations are not accepted from: CA, WI, OR, MD, MA, NY, CT. All others, be aware that our clients are often nationwide. As such, they allow us to bring in different people from across the US, subject to their background check, by a firm they hire. Because of this, the pay scale varies based on what the firm will pay. This rate is up to $12; not all opportunities pay this amount. You will be provided the information for when their training starts, training costs (which we cover), their hourly rate, and related information, so that you can decide which job you want to train for.

The Fortune 500 & 1000 companies include Telecommunication Centers, Resorts, Spas, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Pharmacies, Book Stores, High End Dining Experiences, Online Shopping, Sporting Goods Stores, and Energy Providers, who outsource their calls using a digital Platform. They then contract with businesses like The All Starr Contractor. The platform provides work opportunities, as well as advanced and experienced mentor-ship, support, and technical assistance when needed.

Since this is a virtual career opportunity, everything is done through computers, land or VoIP lines, and secured internet access along with the clients programs and systems.

Q: What is the sign up process like?

A: There are a series of steps to undertake:

1. Contact us, letting us know you’re interested in the opportunity, or reply to our inquiry. Afterwards:  Create a profile.

2. During the profile creation process, you’ll be prompted to enter your referral source. Please use the drop-down and select “Current ACP” then enter 3372758. Once you click on the magnifying glass, it will populate with our info. If this isn’t selected, you will be responsible for training and background check costs, as well as platform fees. You also won’t be able to opt-in for our medical plan coverage.

3. The system will prompt you to select a path. You will need to select an agent working for a call center. After submitting your request, you will be prompted to enter our Company ID. The Company ID is 3372758.

4. Complete the profile, including the federal background check (completed by First Advantage).

5. Upon clearing the federal background check, you will be prompted to sign the agent waiver and NDA by Arise, and our NDA.

6. Contact us via the contact page, if you haven’t already been contacted by us. You’ll be reviewing the available clients on the network. You will set up enrollment for a virtual class.

Q: Can I choose when I want to work?

A: Yes. Be sure to check the requirements of the client you sign up with. In order to be offered any benefits, one must work full time.

Q: What education is required, for agents?

A: New registrants will need to be at least 18 years old, and complete the respective firms’ certification program; degrees/diplomas are not required. You do not need any prior experience, but it is helpful.

Q: Certification Program? How long will it take before a test is taken, and a agent can start working?

A: Upon successful completion of the registration process, your next step will be to enroll in the client certification course of your choice. Client courses may take two weeks or up to eight weeks to complete depending on the program selected. The training is unpaid.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Service revenue is paid twice a month via direct deposit to our business bank account, from Arise. Service revenue is calculated based on the currently governing statement of work between Arise and the businesses that work with arise. From there, through our payroll and benefits associates, you are paid upon receipt of revenue from Arise. Agents’ pay is by direct deposit or debit card.

Q: What are the System requirements?

A: Please review this PDF file.

Q: How often do I need to take a certification class?

A: You are required to take a certification class for each client. Therefore, if you only service a single client, you’ll be taking a single certification class. If you decide to take on an additional client, you’ll be required to complete another certification class. Remember, each class is designed specifically for the client you have chosen. We suggest you start with working with one client, initially, and expand out, if it fits for you.

Q: When will I know if I got the job?

A: You will be notified as to if you passed the background check immediately once the reply comes back. Afterwards, paperwork is collected (including some NCNDAs). You’ll receive an email confirmation with further instructions. You are guaranteed a contract after successful completion and graduation of the required schooling while maintaining SOW requirements.

Individuals begin earning income once they have successfully completed the following:

– Online Registration

– Background Check

– Possible Drug Screen

– Certification Completion

– Signed Contract to provide service

Q: When are certification classes held?

A: The job description for each client opening located on your account after registering will specify the dates and times of their Certification Course. Most clients offer classes in the daytime as well as the evening. Attending these classes are mandatory. You won’t be able to work, if you don’t complete the class.

Q: What if I can’t attend every day of the certification course?

A: Class attendance and participation is mandatory. Before selecting an opportunity with a client, make sure you can attend all the dates outlined. If an emergency arises during certification, please let you your assigned instructor know immediately and CC The All Starr Contractor. Often, if class time is missed it can be difficult to catch up–recordings are available for review after class, every day. If you have had your class paid by us, you will have to pay for the makeup, out of pocket. In addition, your paycheck will be reduced, to pay back for the cost of the first class. It is vital that you make sure you are able to attend the class, and complete the certification.

Q: Can I change my class time frame?

A: This varies based on availability. If you are unable to make the change on your accounts dashboard, contact Enrollment Support via live chat immediately.

Q: What if I’m having issues with my account after registering?

A: These issues are addressed on the Arise platform. Click on the blue circle icon located at the bottom right of your home login page or “Support” tab found in the upper right of your dashboard. This will allow you to access technical support and start a live chat with a specialist. If your questions aren’t answered by the general responses, you can select “None of the Above” to be linked to a live agent in Admissions Support, Enrollment Support, or Tech Support. Please select the department most related to your issue.

Q. Is there any investment needed on my part to start working from home?

A: The Arise platform charges the following fees. Some fees won’t apply, such as incorporating, while others, such as a phone line, you should already have (or business VoIP). If you decide to go through Arise as a freelancer, you will have fees to pay. Click here for start up estimates. Click here for monthly cost estimates. However, going through us, the fees are covered. With Arise, you are a 1099, with no offer for benefits. Working with us,  we cover the operation costs, as part of doing business.

With our affiliates, you can opt-in for medical coverage, and other benefits. Exchange marketplace rates for healthcare can be over $400. With our group, your rates are often  half of that, with about 50% of that covered by our company.

Q: How are the start up fees addressed?

A: First and foremost, if you have any sort of felony, or any criminal background related to finance, then please do not waste your time, or ours, as Arise won’t allow you to work on their platform, for their clients. Other background issues will be at the sole discretion of Arise and their clients, and we don’t have any influence on this choice.

Because we work with multiple agents, we can cover your background check, monthly Arise Fee, and class certification fee. You pay those fees, if you wish to directly contract as a freelancer on Arise.

Q: Are there any discounts for veterans or their spouses?

A: We generally have, through our affiliation with Arise, a voucher for those associated with the military. This is 50% off their first client certification course (up to $150). For the latest, be sure to review the Arise Military Page. This allows us to pay for your class at a discount.

When registering on Arise, Select “MILITARY” in the profile under “How did you hear about Arise”.

When you reach the Payment page of course registration, Email your Agent ID and any proof of military to when you reach the payment page of enrollment. Proof may include but is not limited to military ID’s (spouse, active or veteran), DD214, certified letter or mail confirming military affiliation. Please allow 24 to 48 hours to process. Vouchers are not processed on the weekends.

*** Make sure you include the following in the email subject: Name and Agent ID (also known as CSP ID). Make sure that is also in the body of the email. The Company ID is 3372758.

Do not pay for the course until the voucher has been applied, if you opt for reimbursement. Refunds are not given after a course has been paid for.

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